Introducing John: 30+ Years of Calgary Law

The first thing you’ll notice when you meet John is his relaxed, friendly and often humourous approach to both life and law.  The second thing you’ll notice is that he knows his stuff.

A graduate of McMaster University and the University of Western Ontario, John has practiced law in Alberta since 1979. His experience includes six years with a major law firm in Calgary as well as 15 years as Vice President, Legal and Corporate Affairs with Ranger Oil Limited, where he was responsible for all legal matters including:

  • Negotiating multi-million dollar financing
  • Acquisitions and takeovers
  • Negotiating international oil and gas production sharing agreements

Much of John’s business philosophy is based on his learning experiences in the Canadian Forces. “Initially, I thought leaders just barked orders at people,” he says. “Later, I realized other people, even those in a subordinate position, might actually be smarter than me at many things and that by working together, we could create better results.”

As a result, John takes a collaborative approach to Calgary law, working in respectful partnership with other members of his firm to meet client needs. This approach has been extremely successful, satisfying clients, making staff retention easy and allowing him to combine two of his greatest passions, the law and helping others.

John is dedicated to a job well done and committed to his clients. He believes in and practices respect, responsibility and fairness in all aspects of his life.

Southern Alberta Corps of Commissionaires Chairman

John Fletcher is the Chairman of the Board of Southern Alberta Corps of Commissionaires.

Great. With two houses, bought and sold, and in different provinces, we had some concerns. Felt better with meeting and efficiency of the way things were done. Thanks for a job well done.

- Leonard R.