Calgary Wills & Estates Lawyer: Step-by-Step Estate Planning

Wills and estates planning can be emotionally difficult but it must be done. An experienced wills and estates lawyer will make sure it’s done properly. Here is a step-by-step plan for tackling your will, personal directive, and other elements of your wills and estates plan.

  1. Get your assets in a row. Find out what you have, making sure to include all accounts, real estate, investments and so on.
  2. Decide on heirs. Who you leave your assets to is entirely up to you. You may also choose to make bequests to organizations.
  3. Choose an attorney. Putting an Enduring Power of Attorney in place can give you peace of mind. Choose someone you trust to handle your financial affairs if you are not able to do so.
  4. Select an agent. Take the burden of making your health care decisions off your family at an already stressful time by appointing an agent to act for you as per a personal directive or living will. Again, choose someone you trust to act as your agent.
  5. See your wills and estates lawyer. Your wills and estates lawyer will discuss your situation with you, point out any potential issues and help you find solutions that meet your personal needs. You may also want to see your accountant for tax planning advice prior to drawing up the actual documents.

Wills and Estates Packages and Services

Planning for your family’s future as well as the future of your assets is a responsible move that saves money and aggravation during difficult times. We are experienced wills and estates lawyers and can help with complete wills and estates packages to ensure you’re prepared for any situation as well as with individual services that meet your particular needs:

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