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Many people fail to understand the importance of a properly prepared will. As your will lawyers, we know you have many questions. If you don’t find the answers here, please give us a call or stop in for a visit.

The Ins and Outs of Wills

A will allows you to:

  • Name someone you trust as your executor
  • Distribute your assets as you see fit
  • Set up trusts for your children which can be administered by the executor
  • Provide for guardianship of your children
  • Ensure your remains are dealt with according to your wishes
  • Allow estate matters to be dealt with immediately

If you are over 18, and especially if you have minor children, you absolutely need a will and should not wait a day longer to get one drawn up. Remember that you need a will even if you and your spouse/partner jointly own all assets.

If You Don’t Have a Will

Then the trouble starts! If you die without a legal will in place:

  • Your estate may be administered by someone you do not trust or would not have chosen.
  • Your estate will be distributed according to a government formula, not your wishes.
  • A public trustee will be appointed to look after your children’s legacies until they are 18.
  • You will not have the opportunity to choose who becomes responsible for your children; your children may go to someone you do not want raising them.
  • Relatives who do want guardianship of your minor children will have to apply, an expensive and time-consuming process.
  • Your remains may be disposed of in a way you would not want.
  • Your estate cannot be administrated until the court appoints an administrator, which is time-consuming and costly.

More Information About Wills

  • Ask an experienced wills lawyer to draw up your will, even if your estate is relatively simple to manage, to avoid any issues upon your death and ensure the will is valid.
  • You can change your will any time as long as you are competent.
  • Review your will with your will lawyers every five years or so and whenever something in your family situation changes or your assets change.

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